Modern Since the Seventies

Already in the 1970s Congregationalists knew what pressing answers the Church refused to answer, this excerpt from the flier “Forward into the Seventies” – which was written during the difficult time of the Congregational-Presbyterian union – shows the modern insights that were present amongst Congregationalists.
(excerpt from “The History of the Federation” by R.W. Cleaves)

HUMANISTS say: We don’t like fixed dogmas and creeds.
We say: Neither do we. Be committed to Jesus Christ, and in reverent freedom follow on to know him

REVOLUTIONISTS say: Too much money is being spent in administrative structures in ‘Christian’ high places – while two thirds of the world population are starving.
We say: Let every congregation maintain itself with modest means. Then use the surplus for the Third World.

ECONOMISTS say: Too much time, energy and money has already been spent, and more is allocated to be spent, on ‘Take-over bids’ of denominational structures, fostering internal arguments.
We say: Forget it. Get on with the job. Preach the ‘glorious gospel of the blessed God’. Relieve the poor (wherever in the world they may be). Comfort the sad. Calm the troubled mind. Join with all ‘seekers after truth’ and find it.

CRITICS say: Christians “fiddle while Rome burns”.
We say: The fiddling is the interminable dissension about church structures. The fire that burns is the Want, Hunger, Oppression, Suffering of a world without Christ. “We must obey God and not man”.



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