Ethical Living Tips

As part of our commitment to become a more responsible community and church, we recently used the Abundant Life Bible study series produced by the Congregational Federation and CWM, which covers topics such as living well with others, with the environment, and ethical money.

During our Bible studies some really interesting suggestions emerged so I thought it would be a good idea to create a living guide of ethical tips. Living because it will be updated regularly with new suggestions from our own members and from our local community.

These tips focus on small changes that most people should be able to try easily. If you have any suggestions drop us a comment below.

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I Don’t Do Religion

“I don’t do religion” they say,
“I’m not religious” they retort, and I reply, “No I don’t either”.
The look on their faces when I say this (and mean it), “but, but, you must, mustn’t you?”
“No”, I reply.
Many people are religious but being religious can just be religiously doing something, like knocking on wood, having a very stable routine or religiously going to the gym. Some of us musicians religiously practice our scales (mmm).

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Modern Since the Seventies

Already in the 1970s Congregationalists knew what pressing answers the Church refused to answer, this excerpt from the flier “Forward into the Seventies” – which was written during the difficult time of the Congregational-Presbyterian union – shows the modern insights that were present amongst Congregationalists.
(excerpt from “The History of the Federation” by R.W. Cleaves)
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New Beginnings

This is a time of new beginnings for us at the Congregational Church as well as retaining some of the popular old styles of being church. Our services have taken on a new form and we now have new people coming to church with gifts and talents including music. A new band will be forming soon which is exiting. We will have more of a formal service on the first Sunday of the month being the communion service. We are planning a coffee morning for all of you that like a natter over a cupper and slice of cake. This would also give us a good opportunity to meet with each other from the different denominations and also to pin your minister down (not literally you understand). As from the last meeting a new diaconate was formed and this will create sub groups working on worship, mission and outreach, pastoral care, events and activities, advertising and property maintenance so I pray that this will create a team ministry that flows through the Spirit and allows us in Christ to work like clockwork. Please pray for us as working like clockwork as we all know can be almost impossible but Christ is in all things.

God Bless you all,