Who’s Who

As a Congregational church, every member is given a special role in the gathered community when they join, so this page should list everyone! To make things easier, we’re going to be listing some key people and what they do.

Ministry Team


Justin Rev Justin

A former professional musician and music teacher, I am now the full time Minister at the Church. I am also the chaplain for Harwich Horse Rangers, Wivenhoe RBL, and the Colchester Homeless Shelter. If you see me rolling around in my wheelchair, give me a shout and I will be happy to buy you a coffee or have a chat.

Ask me about: Music, Disability Theology

Assistant Pastor

Simone Simon

An Italian abroad and Essex graduate, I help Justin as the Assistant Pastor and am also responsible for the website and our Eco Church accreditation. I am currently studying for my FD Practical Theology with York St John / CIPT.

Ask me about: Peace Theology, Anabaptism.

Other Office Holders

Church Meeting

All the Members join together as the Church Meeting to discern the will of God for us for today, by prayerfully listening for the leading of the Spirit. They are the final authority on all matters.


Some members are elected to assist the Ministry Team in the pastoral care and other spiritual aspects of leadership within the Church. They advise the Ministry Team and Church Meeting.

Church Secretary

They are in charge of every day admin tasks on behalf of the Church Meeting and the Ministry Team.


As a Congregational Church we receive no central funding. The Treasurer is in charge of our finances.