Fair Trade

We are a Fair Trade Church, even during lockdown. Our members Sue and Ian have a wide range of fair trade products available and regularly deliver them to members alongside any Church printing.

If you would like some, you can contact them using the numbers in the Church Directory. If you do not have a copy get in touch with us and we’ll pass your requests along to them!

Availability and prices may vary, but we try to keep the list below up to date.

Coffees (Ground)
Peru Machu Picchu (Strength 4)£3.19
Tanzania Kilimanjaro (Strength 3)£3.20
Decaf Organic (Strength 3)£4.10
Earl Grey (50 bags)£2.05
Loose leaf tea£1.70
Breakfast blend (50 bags)£2.50
Divine Rich 70% Dark (35 g)£1.00
Biscuits / Cakes£1.89
Fruit and Oat Cookies
Stem Ginger Cookies
Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Jam / Marmalade / Chutneys£3.00
Mango Jam
Pineapple Jam
Peach and Ginger Jam
Lime Marmalade
Orange and Cinnamon Marmalade
Pineapple Chutney
Tomato and Chilli
Other Items
Cleaning Pads (Plastic Free / Non-fair trade)£2.60
Washing Pad (as above)£2.50
Rubble Gloves£1.49
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