Asst. Pastor Wins Award

On October 11th, our Assistant Pastor Simone Ramacci was awarded the Wilson Hinkes Peace Prize during the opening ceremony for the Week of Prayer for World Peace on Zoom.

The award was established

To recognise significant contributions by individuals, organisations, or projects in furthering peace, justice, and reconciliation. The Award focuses on grassroots initiatives. It enables otherwise often untold stories to be told and honoured and seeks to inspire others. It is open to all, irrespective or nationality, ethnicity, or faith.

Named in honour of Revd. Gordon Wilson, and Revd. Sidney Hinkes, both former Chairs of the WPWP, the Award is made annually.

Week of Prayer for World Peace

Simone was chosen as a young person who has done much campaigning work through the internet and social media.

As a student, Simone successfully campaigned with Christian Aid Collective for tax justice in the University of Essex procurement process. As a long time St John Ambulance volunteer, he helped change the uniform policy to allow any remembrance poppy to be worn according to each person’s conscience.

As part of our Ministry Team, Simone promoted the wearing and selling of white poppies alongside red ones in our Chapel, led a special service for Conscientious Objector Day, and has been exploring Christian non-violence in his preaching and during our Book Club.

Finally, he has been an active part and trustee of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, a charity which promotes a Jesus-centred understanding of pacifism, reconciliation, and active involvement in society. He has helped write materials and prayers for publication.

When he accepted the award, Simone acknowledged the role his privileged position played in allowing him to invest so much time in his campaigns, and highlighted the role modern technology can play in finding “the next generation of peacemakers even if they don’t look like us, and they don’t sound like us”.

He further committed the award prize money to supporting people in poverty in the local community, and peacemakers from around the globe. He thanked his Fiona, and chose to support the following charities with her help:

Members of Wivenhoe Congregational Church are committed to bringing Christ’s light into our Community, and our Church has been recognised for our work with a Serving the Community Award. We aim to empower all our members to make a difference in the local and global communities in light of their commitment to the Way of Jesus.

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