Living our values

In my first sermon of the new year, we explored the meaning of discipleship and how the early Church can inspire us to live our everyday lives in a way that better matches our beliefs and our commitment to follow Jesus Christ. As part of that sermon, I invited people to send me suggestions on practical baby-steps we could take.

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Ethical Living Tips

As part of our commitment to become a more responsible community and church, we recently used the Abundant Life Bible study series produced by the Congregational Federation and CWM, which covers topics such as living well with others, with the environment, and ethical money.

During our Bible studies some really interesting suggestions emerged so I thought it would be a good idea to create a living guide of ethical tips. Living because it will be updated regularly with new suggestions from our own members and from our local community.

These tips focus on small changes that most people should be able to try easily. If you have any suggestions drop us a comment below.

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