Simone’s Step Challenge

It seems that charitable fundraising is spreading in our congregation this Summer!

Simone is raising money for St John Ambulance as part of a national fundraising event called “Every Step Counts”. St John Ambulance provides first aid training, first aid cover, and helps the NHS Ambulance Service.

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I’ve joined St John Ambulance in 2013, and have done more than 1300 hours of volunteering since, mostly at the University of Essex but with the occasional off-campus shift. I have also volunteered as a Funds Officer and helped with running the University of Essex Unit.

I had always wanted to help people by doing first aid, and the dream came true thanks to St John Ambulance. I have had the chance to help all sorts of people, from drunk students to injured rugby players, and I am forever grateful for what I have learnt and what I was able to do.

As I look forward at my future with St John Ambulance, I want to ensure that they can keep providing care and training to as many people as possible for as long as possible, so I have decided to give back to them by helping in this national fundraising challenge.

The fundraising website St John is using for their national fundraising challenge is a little bit different: as it is linked with my step-counting watch you are able to support me with a one off donation, but also donate a certain amount of money per every number of steps I take. I have also hand-picked some distance milestones that felt “topical” and you can decide to donate only if I reach that milestone.

I’m happy to tell you more about my time with St John Ambulance (including the funny, slightly-yucky stories I have) if you see me at Church or around.

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Author: Simone

Originally from Italy, I help Rev Justin as the Assistant Pastor, but also look after our website and our Eco Church accreditation. I am also an emergency service Chaplain. In May 2022, I was received in the Roll of Accredited Ministers of the Congregational Federation. Ask me about: SCM. FOR, Peace Theology, social justice.

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