Mission Accomplished!

Pam performed an aerobatic challenge for the Jubilee Sailing Trust, a charity that champions mixed ability (disabled and non-disabled) tall ship crewing at sea.

Every picture tells a story (from bottom left anti clockwise): Jo McDonald (pilot) and I take off from Clacton airfield 23rd July around 5.35pm for our exciting rendezvous with STS Lord Nelson which we knew would be anchored just west of Southend pier. The sun was hot through the windscreen, making our life jackets under the harness very prickly. Approaching Southend, we spotted the bigger ship the Captain had told us about first and then Lord Nelson slightly to the left. What a beautiful sight she was! Tears were in our eyes as we prepared to do the roll.  Jo was very cute. She chose the right spot away from the sun for the photographer on the ship to record us.  We did two rolls, one on either side of her, and circled her again before taking our leave with a wiggle.  During the display my hands were on the helm along with Jo’s – I’m glad to say!

Friends have said how courageous I am.  I can understand why they would say that, but I give each flight to Jesus in prayer beforehand and I know we are in safe hands.  I trust the pilot of creation and through Him I trust Jo.  I have cerebral palsy and am also affected by a neck injury.  I’m weak in every way, and because of my weaknesses I’ve learnt to lean very hard on God, often moment by moment.  And my Heavenly Father has never let me down.  It’s why I’m still here.  Also, because I have bad balance, I don’t get sea/air sick.  So my disadvantage has been turned into a plus, praise God!  Have a relationship with Jesus and you too will turn cartwheels – and that’s Jesus’s promise to you.

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Author: Pam

I wish to do a victory roll over the Jubilee Sailing Trust's flag ship, Lord Nelson, to raise money for vital funds. This is to thank the charity for helping to give me the confidence to change my life back in 1992. I was born with cerebral palsy.

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